What the experts are saying: Dr. Takashi Asano

“Because no one will be reclaiming and reusing municipal wastewater as a hobby, there must be both ‘necessity’ and ‘opportunity’ for the practice. Unplanned, incidental, or de facto indirect potable reuse is rampant in our water environment and increasing as a result of population growth and urbanization. Opportunities for direct potable reuse schemes are emerging and considered likely to be most cost-effective in large cities. Municipal wastewater is, after all, a water resource existing right at the doorstep of a metropolis where water is needed and valued the most. However, the value of direct potable reuse must be weighed within the context of large public issues encompassing sustainable water resources management in the future.”

-Dr. Takashi Asano, Ph.D.

About Dr. Takashi Asano

Dr. Takashi Asano is professor emeritus in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Davis. His research interests are in the area of water reclamation and reuse and water resources management. He worked at the California State Water Resources Control Board (CSWRCB) in the formative years (1978-1992) of water reclamation and reuse.

Dr. Asano’s publications include Irrigation with Reclaimed Municipal Wastewater: A Guidance Manual (co-editor with G. Stuart Pettygrove, 1984), Artificial Recharge of Groundwater (editor, 1985), and Water Reuse: Issues, Technologies, and Applications (co-author, 2007). Dr. Asano received the 2001 Stockholm Water Prize.